What Foreigners Need Before Hitting The Road

If you find yourself in a country outside of your native land, then it is important to study the driving codes of the country before you hit the road. The laws differ from one country to the other, and an understanding of the rules will not set you against the laws of the land. It is mandatory to have a valid collective driving license (Prawo jazdy kolekcjonerskie) if you want to free yourself from issues that bother traffic regulations.

You must bear in mind that each country has its own driving etiquette. Some of the countries are known for their straight-forward application of the rules. Whatever they have in the law books is strictly enforced on the road. In most countries, there are strict laws against drunk driving. In some countries, a limit of 0.02% of blood alcohol content must not be exceeded. There are several speed regulations that have been put in place, and they must be respected.

In some countries, radar traps are set up to swindle unsuspecting foreigners who are driving on their highways. There are reported cases of policemen hiding behind corners to swindle their targets. There are several laws that foreigners must study before they hit the road. It does not end with having a valid driving license. Observation and knowledge of the rules of the game must be taken seriously if the issues that call for worry are to be nipped in the bud.

Do you need a license?

If you are in a foreign country, different laws apply. For instance, if you are in an EU country, you will enjoy some privileges that others are not entitled to. You can hit the road in the country with your local driver’s license for a period of six months without issues from the authorities.

If your license is valid and not restricted in any way, then you can drive with your local driving license for a period of 180 days before you go for a change that will reflect the country that you are residing in. If you fail to pay within the grace period, your license will be confisticated and sent back to your country. You will face issues with insurance. The seized documents will be released to you when you get back to your country.

If you come from outside the Eurozone, it will be possible to use your local license if it is accompanied by an International Driving Permit. It is a document that comes with the driver’s license and will remain valid for 180 days. Foreigners will have to exchange their documents after the grace period or they will face the wrath of the law. It is important to make sure that you have a valid driving license (Prawojazdykupno) at any point in time.

Applying for an outside license

If you want to apply for an outside license from any country outside your native country, there are rules that apply to a smooth transfer of that license.

You need to be a resident in that country.

The age requirement for the category you want must be met.

You are expected to pass medical tests.

In some cases, you must pass both theoretical and practical driving exams.

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