Ways I can Check a Delivery Man has Delivered a Parcel When I’m at Work

Is there anything worse than wondering what’s going on with a special delivery that you have been waiting ages for? The most annoying scenario is that you finally get a delivery date and it’s scheduled for a day (and specific hours) when you are meant to be in work. You can’t realistically take a day off just to wait in for a parcel at home, so how can you check on your delivery status? There are a few options here, including the option to track on an app or website where the courier currently is and what number in the queue your house is, or you can keep an eye on your home security systems, including a smart video doorbell, allowing you to see with your own eyes whether or not a parcel has been delivered as stated.

The first thing that we all do (and often get frustrated with) is to see whether the delivery we are waiting on has a tracking number attached to it. If it does, we might be able to login to an app or website to see where our parcel is. This can differ from site to site and courier to courier, with the Royal Mail having a different delivery process and tracking procedure than say an independent courier who is delivering on behalf of Hermes, Yodel, Amazon Prime or any other outlet or delivery service. There is no hard and fast rule or guarantee of success in tracking parcels and deliveries in this way, especially if you are not at home waiting for it.

Another option in these circumstances is to have someone you trust waiting at your home to take in the delivery. If you have parents, other family members or close friends who are willing to do this for you, then great, but not all of us have the opportunity to do this and in the time of Covid-19 it is less likely than ever before as we are all living with these new restrictions about who you can have in your home.

So, if those two options are no guarantees, what can you do to check a delivery has actually been made? Smart home security products provide you with a genuine and effective solution. With a home alarm system and video feeds, and a smart video doorbell on your front door, you can not only bolster the defence and security of your home but see with your own eyes when a delivery has been made by a courier and where they have left a parcel. 

There are a few different ways to track a parcel that you are waiting on, no matter its importance. Although the way that Royal Mail and independent couriers allow us to track parcels and see exactly where they are on the road, has dramatically improved over the last few years, there are few things better than seeing a parcel on your doorstep or placed through the letterbox, with your own two eyes. This is where it seriously pays off to have a wireless door security with smart video feature and a full home alarm system installed at your home. With the help of home security experts you can bolster your home from potential burglary and have the added bonus that you can check on deliveries that are meant to have arrived or be arriving today, even if you are in work and can’t get away any time soon.

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