The Top Four Ceiling Tile Brands

Building a new commercial facility is very involved. You must coordinate with a general contractor, sub-contractors, building permit officials, and regulating agencies. Multi-level building projects require attention to detail, thoughtful planning, and careful execution. While you are greatly concerned with the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, structural issues, and other major systems, the decorative ceiling tile is most likely on the back burner. However, the right ceiling tile can also provide essential functions like covering up utility pipes and allowing room for extra wiring. There are thousands of different types of tiles on the market. The most trusted brands are known to last. Here are the top four ceiling tile brands on the market

  1. Armstrong

Armstrong ceiling tiles are very popular among commercial facilities such as schools, workplaces, and hospitals. They are aesthetically pleasing for every space. Armstrong is an affordable brand for most budgets. When you are renovating or considering new construction, one of the most important areas of consideration is creating a functional yet comfortable space for its occupants. In a professional setting, it is important to control sounds. Armstrong creates tiles that feature the ideal combination of sound blocking and sound absorption.

  1. Rockfon

The best ceiling tile manufacturer companies offer Rockfon. Rockfon tiles are mid-range. They are not as inexpensive as Armstrong, but also more affordable than other top brands. Rockfon tiles offer various finishes including micro-textured, smooth, and matt-fleece. Most Rockfon tiles are composed of lightweight material and rated for Class A1 fire reaction. They provide excellent sound absorption with high humidity resistance.

  1. British Gypsum

British Gypsum tiles combine modern and contemporary designs. British Gypsum is a favourite brand among many consumers as they offer stylish tiles with amazing sound absorption properties. British Gypsum is a leading ceiling tile manufacturer best known for its Rigitone and Gyptone systems. It is a one-stop shop for ceiling, wall lining, floor, and encasement systems. If you are looking to create harmony while maintaining function in your new construction or renovation, you should consider British Gypsum.

  1. SAS

Have you considered metal tiles for your ceiling? SAS metal ceiling systems are the most popular metal ceilings on the market. With over 40 years of innovation, SAS has mastered excellence in the ceiling industry. The clip-in systems are best for interiors that require frequent cleaning practices as it allows for upward cleaning pressure. When areas are cleaned frequently, other tiles may become dislodged or displaced. SAS metal ceiling systems are designed to withstand and redistribute cleaning pressure.



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