Seven Effective Ways to Improve the Results of your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

As a business owner, you have probably recognized the importance of direct mail in your marketing efforts. Even if direct mail marketing is cost-effective, you still want to make the most out of your marketing budget and find strategies to improve your message and boost your response rates. Below are awesome tips to help you get started:

Incorporate Handwritten Notes throughout your Promotional Letter

This is a personal approach that can make your recipients feel appreciated. Handwriting helps in personalizing your message deeper and improving your response rates.

Offer a Guarantee

Give your customers a customer satisfaction guarantee and emphasize this throughout the offer. Your target customers may replay to your offer when they know they don’t lose anything when they grab your offer. Try to propose a trial period if applicable to your product or service.

Keep your Mailing List Clean and Updated

Start cleaning the list in-house and use services like address standardization and move update. In case you outsource your direct mail needs, make sure you ask your provider to implement data quality services and insist on sending out just to the deliverable records. This way, you can avoid sending out mails and messages that never get delivered.

Ensure your Envelope Stands Out

Take your time thinking through how you will dress your envelope. Are you going to go for the simple white envelope with a live stamp or one that has a big shouting message or graphic? Consider consulting a professional marketer to make the right decision.

Hire Creative and Production Services

These days, you can choose to outsource your direct mail marketing campaign either partially or entirely. Processes like mail preparation, printing, copywriting, and graphic design are best left to the pros. Investing in professional services such as copywriting and graphic design is a smart move that will pay off for itself. Visit for your options. Experts create and execute campaigns that can boost your response rate.

Use Professional Photos

Including a photo of the people behind your company will help in creating trust. Photos help make a personal connection between your organization and possible clients. Also, they make you and your business more real.

Track and Analyze

Your direct mail marketing plan should include tracking and analyzing the results. Include every piece to make it easier for you to track and analyze results. Think about using call tracking, QR codes, a designated phone number, and special codes. These solutions will help in allocating your budget more intelligently.

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