Reliable Fraclock System For Wireline Services!

Working in a oil or gas factory can be pretty straining. With the routine needs of shifting through the pipelines and randomly changing the connections, the manual processes always involved a lot of extra efforts and straining. But with the Renegades new FracLock system things seem to have changed with the course of time.

The flipping of a switch allows for the streamlines to operate on frac pads. Here remote connection becomes possible with just a use of zipper pads. The operators are able to save up on time and efforts while keeping the workers of the workhouse safe.

A thorough monitoring system

With a pump-in support added for the convenience in use, the FracLock system enables a safe and secure usage. The primary and secondary locking system is operated with the help of the locking system which integrates well with the digital monitoring system. It’s a hand free connection that works on hands free mode making it one and only monitoring system that operates remotely.

Safety of the workers

During the working of the industries, labours are involved in a number of manual processes. And just before the dynamics require a more machine oriented work that is unsafe for the humans to do, the signals are put on for labours to walk out at the first sight and leave the site with the signal. Thereafter the FracLock system operates into working for the tasks in a swift way. This helps save the workers from the red zone and working in the dangerous zones for too long. A haste signal allows the evacuation of the place for a easy digital monitor and control of work.

Efficiency in achieving tasks

With the modern era that involves a lot off technological aids, it has become easier to integrate the manual efforts with the technological upgrades and get efficient working done. The efficiency achieved in the tasks helps in the completion of the projects at a faster pace. And therefore every project by the wireline service providers are completed on time. With the FracLock system too most of the operations are controlled through a remote control system with digital operation. The actions are taken in swift processes with guidance and operations through buttons. This helps achieve tasks better and in time.

The Renegade FracLock system is aimed at providing for a remote access in controlling the wireline tasks and giving aid to a more safe and efficient environment.

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