Oxygen Generation System: What It Is?

If you wish to have only oxygen gas separated from the air that you breathe, then an oxygen generator is needed to perform this task. The normal air contains a maximum amount of nitrogen which is 78 percent and 21 percent of oxygen. To separate a large quantity of oxygen from the air, and oxygen generation system is installed in the industries. In hospitals, to provide oxygen to the maximum number of patients, it is suggested to have an oxygen generation system. Sometimes, there are two or more oxygen generators used in the hospitals to generate oxygen. You will come to know about different types of oxygen generators further below.

Types Of Oxygen Generators

  • Membrane oxygen generator- An air stream in compressed form is generated using semi-permeable materials. Oxygen molecules that are smaller in size are filtered out from the membrane and are collected. Since no moving parts are involved in this type of oxygen generator, it is one of the most reliable oxygen generators.
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator- A pressurized tank is used in this type of oxygen generator, which is filled with zeolite. Zeolite has the property of segregating the molecules based on their size. The sieve material is used to adsorb the larger molecules. The smaller molecules thus are collected separately. It falls under the category of industrial oxygen generator that can also produce ammonia for using it as a fertilizer.
  • Chemical oxygen generator- Most airlines make use of chemical oxygen generators. These generators are used to release oxygen using a chemical reaction.

Uses of Oxygen Generators

Some of the uses of oxygen generators are

  • For breathing oxygen- The scuba divers, submarines, and the International Space Station need breathable air, because of which they are dependent on oxygen generators. The carbon dioxide gas is removed using carbon dioxide scrubbers to get breathable air.
  • Wastewater and sewage treatment- For biodegradation, more amount of oxygen is required for bacteria to decompose. This process thus increases with the use of oxygen generators.
  • Mining of gold- In the cyanide leaching process of gold mining, you need to use oxygen generators. The rocks that bear gold are mixed with the cyanide solution and oxygen to get gold from the rocks.
  • Welding- For welding, metals, oxygen, and liquid fuel is needed to increase the flame’s temperature. Thus, the metal can be cut using the welding process.

With a maximum of uses, you get using oxygen generation system; it is suggested to use it in industries most of the time.

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