Optimize Your Retargeting Tactics in 5 Ways like a Boss

You must be aware of the fact that 80 percent of the visitors on your website, never convert. But, also know that you can make them return to reconsider your offer. That is where retargeting comes to the rescue. Apart from making the visitors return, you can also reach people who never even opened your mail or who are keenly interested. You may be using retargeting, but not making the most of it. This article is about making the most of retargeting by the following tactics.

  1. Consider the engagement factors

The Custom Segment in Google Analytics let you set apart your traffic with some incredible precision. By syncing Google Analytics and Google AdWords, you can retarget certain segments in the market. You can also integrate many factors to base your retargeting like:

  1. Page depth
  2. Number of visits
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Session duration
  5. Certain goal completion

  1. Vertical websites

If you are aware that the industry you work in is unaware of something but you don’t perceive it relevant on your main website, then you can build a separate website to address the same. Once that website has been built, you can retarget warm leads to your website easily. Have a look at what the industry lacks and what you can do to fill that void. If you don’t build that website, somebody else will. This tactic works when you rank on competitive keywords with your new website. Also, the exact match domain names gain good rankings.

  1. Form completion status

You can also easily track people who filled the form but didn’t complete it. They might be considering something else, or might have interrupted. Also, don’t forget to create a segment for warm leads who can fill up the form next time they stumble upon it.

  1. Give them free trials

You might also come across many customers who will use your product for a few minutes and never come back. Maybe their timing wasn’t right, or they got interrupted. After a few days of no activity, you can send them something interesting as a reminder for coming back to using your product.

  1. Say hello to the past users

You may have a huge number of leads before, and you can gain them back by the means of targeted ads. You can either promote the features or benefits, announcements, use cases etc. The gist is to keep in touch with the past leads and send them new content.

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