How to get views on your YouTube videos?

YouTube is the leading video streaming platform in the world, you can use this platform for earning money as well. Creators are paid highly by YouTube, however, getting views on your YouTube channel is very challenging, therefore creators at times buy cheap YouTube views  at the start to rank their videos higher. You can buy cheap YouTube views from different online platforms. We are going to share some tips for growing your YouTube channel.

Include watermark in the videos 

You should include a watermark as well in the videos, this helps in increasing the subscribers on your videos. A watermark is a small image that appears at the bottom right corner of the video, brands usually use their logo as a watermark. This feature is available for the creators once their channel is verified. You can also select the videos which should display the watermark and exclude some of your videos. If you want to design a watermark for the videos, make sure that the watermark is transparent and square.

Enable embedding of the videos 

Enable embedding of the videos as well. Viewers at times want to share your content on blogs and websites, if you have disabled embedding, they won’t be able to share your content on the websites. Once your videos are embedded on different websites, you will get more views on them. Visit creator studio to enable embedding of the videos.

Use social channels for promotions 

Promote your videos on social channels as well, share the video on your Facebook and Instagram pages as well. You can make small teasers of the videos and post them on social media platforms with the original link to the YouTube video. You can schedule your videos on social media platforms and drive traffic from them. You can also use email marketing for growing your social media handle. The average rate of opening the email related to marketing is 18%.

Try to increase your watch time 

Videos are ranked by YouTube on the basis of the watch time of the videos. Therefore, try to increase the watch time of your videos to improve the ranking of the videos. YouTube promotes videos which are showing quality content, users watch videos only if they are high in quality. Similarly, if the retention rates of the videos are decreasing, the ranking of the channel would be badly affected. In short, the focus on your channel should be on retaining viewers on your videos.

Build a community on YouTube 

You can develop a community on YouTube, reply to the comments of the viewers. Similarly, you can organize meetups as well, it is easy these days to organize virtual meetups with your YouTube community. Similarly, you can ask viewers to send their questions and make a video answering them.

Creators are trying different techniques; the most important thing is doing research about the target audience and then make videos as per the video choice of your target audience. Different online tools are available which you can use to determine what your target audience is interested in; you can get an idea by checking the videos of your competitors as well.

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