How to Choose the Right Cantilever Racking Solution for Your Warehouse

Cantilever racking systems are a popular choice for warehouses that need to store long and bulky items that won’t fit on standard pallet racking. However, selecting the right cantilever racking in Melbourne for your warehouse can be a complex process, requiring careful consideration of your specific storage needs, the dimensions of your items and the layout of your warehouse. This article will provide some tips to help you choose the right solution.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Before selecting a cantilever racking system, you’ll need to consider the specific storage needs of your warehouse. The system you choose should be able to accommodate the types of items you plan to store, including their dimensions and weight. Consider how frequently you’ll need to access your items, as well as any special storage requirements such as temperature control or protection from moisture.

Choose the Right Capacity

It’s important to choose cantilever racking in Melbourne that can accommodate all of your items. You should consider the weight of each item, as well as any additional weight that may be added to the system, such as handling equipment. It’s a good idea to choose a racking system that has a higher weight capacity than you currently need, allowing for future growth and expansion.

Consider the Length of Your Items

Cantilever racking systems are designed to store long and bulky items. When selecting a cantilever racking system, be sure to measure the length of your items to ensure the cantilever arms are long enough to support them. You may also want to consider whether you need adjustable arms that can be moved to different positions depending on the size of the items you’re storing.

Determine the Number of Levels

Cantilever racking in Melbourne can have single or multiple levels. The number of levels you need will ultimately depend on the height of your warehouse and the maximum height you want to reach. It’s also important to think about the accessibility of your items. If you need frequent access to your items, a lower number of levels may be more appropriate.

Choose the Right Material

Cantilever racking systems can be made from different materials, such as steel or aluminium. The material you choose will depend on the environment in which your racking system will be used. For example, if your warehouse is in a harsh environment or you need to store corrosive materials, you may need a system made from steel. Aluminium cantilever racking systems are lighter and more resistant to rust, making them a more versatile choice for a range of applications.

Think About the Layout

The layout of your warehouse should be carefully considered when selecting cantilever racking in Melbourne. The layout should allow for easy access to your items and efficient use of space. Make sure you think about how items will be transported to and from the racking system, as well as the size and placement of aisles. A professional racking supplier can help you design a layout that meets your needs.

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