Getting Locked out is Frustrating Business; How to Avoid Getting Locked Out


A good majority of us are indeed no strangers to being able to get into our cars and homes, but occasionally we end up misplacing our keys. It can be frustrating sometimes because there might be a pressing need to get into these spaces; therefore, discovering that one’s key is MIA can be pretty disturbing and that majorly forms the crux of this write-up. Before we delve into that conversation, it could be right for us to hint at the various key options available for you briefly; perhaps this could inadvertently help you quell your key/key fob mishandling issues. However, it is imperative to mention that all hope isn’t lost if, by any chance, you do misplace your keys, as there are competent locksmiths like aaa locksmith that could help salvage your situation.

Modern-Day Types of Keys

Gone are the days when the only way to gain access to space – be it a car or a home – were the conventional keys and keyholes. Today there’s a wealth of other options that help you conveniently access your homes or other spaces without even having a traditional key. However, this does not undermine or downplay the importance of keys today but tries to paint a vivid picture of how evolved keys have become over the years. A few types of commercial/residential keys will be highlighted below.

Key Cards: these types of keys you would mostly find in hotels; unlike the traditional types of keys, these are just like cards that need to be inserted or held near the already encrypted slots that recognize the distinct signature of the key.

Magnetic Keys: as implied by the name, these keys barely rely on any electrical or electronic configuration because they thrive on the magnet-based system. These are also a very effective type of security system for your home. You need to align the set of magnets with opening your door, and the pattern of this alignment mentioned above helps the door open, coolio, right?

Four-Sided Keys: these, as the name implies, are double-sided types of keys because the keys have sets of teeth on their four sides, making it harder to pick by anyone without the keys and, most importantly, reducing the chances of break-ins in your homes.

Avoiding Getting Locked Out of your Spaces

In your home or commercial settings, above are some of the few options you could switch to increase and enhance your security and ensure that your keys are relatively safe, as they are not the most conventional types of keys. However, below are some ways to avoid being mistakenly locked out of your cars and or home spaces.

Keeping a Spare: by keeping a spare key in a safe place, be it in your purse or backpack, or perhaps you have a copy of your home keys in your car and vice versa, but albeit these should be done quite discreetly and not for the knowledge of all and sundry. When well done, this provides you with alternatives to access your space.

Checking for your Keys: this might not be entirely as easy as it may seem, but if you practice the act of studying for your keys before you go out and you stick to it consistently, too, in no time, you’ll not be leaving home without your keys because you’d have a nagging feeling that something is amiss

Consider some of the options mentioned above: it could be a bright idea to consider going for or switching to keyless or smart doors, as these relieve you of having to worry about your keys.

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