Four Things to Keep in Mind when Using a Rented Flange Spreader

If you are working on a commercial plumbing project and planning to rent flange spreaders, you will be happy to know that using this tool is quite straightforward. When renting any tools, you need to be familiar with how to operate them and make sure they are in tip top shape. As with other tools, you need to use the spreader in a safe way. Below are some tips to keep in mind to safely use a rented flange spreader:

Remove all Flange Bolts Before Applying the Spreader

Before applying the spreader, make sure that all of the flange bolts are removed from every side of the plumbing connection. After removing the bolts, double check to ensure no bolt is left. Leaving even just one bolt can make it possible to have a flying projectile as the spreader separates the portions of the pipe. A flying bolt is a certainly a safety hazard.

Make Sure to Use the Spacer Blocks with Flange Spreaders

As you use the spreader to separate a couple of plumbing pipes that are under pressure, make sure you use space blocks. The former must be placed between the two sections of pipe you need to spread. The safety blocks make sure the pipes won’t slip and cause damage to the plumping and cause injury to yourself.

Confirm the Spreader’s Torque Rating

As torque spreaders are available in various sizes and torque abilities, you must verify that the equipment you rent has the rating to perform the work you need it to do. Injuries can result from using flange spreaders that are rated too low for the pipe pressure you the tools to move. Thus, make sure you use a bigger piece of equipment than you might think is necessary.

Wear Appropriate Clothing for the Job

If working with rented flange spreaders, you must dress in clothing that is appropriate for the job you want to complete. Make sure to wear a pair of steel-toe work boots to protect your feet, a long-sleeved shirt to keep your skin protected from cuts on sharp pipes, a thick pair of denim jeans, and a piece of gear to protect your eyes from pieces of metal or gasket which can come loose and fly around. Additionally, keep in mind that power flange spreaders tend to be loud when they run. Because of this, you want to wear appropriate hearing protection.

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