Forbrukslån – Important Things To Know About Unsecured Loans

People from different walks of life have learned to deal with various lending companies because they have financial obligations which are sometimes urgent so you’ll do everything to produce money and won’t even think of finding affordable rates due to the situation. Well, we have to understand these borrowers because their priority is to find cash as soon as possible so they do not have time to waste and shop around. While other debtors who have specific purposes will surely try their best to get the most affordable offer because they are trying hard to save some money and stick with their planned budget.

It would be great if we can all do that because to have debts means a big obligation and we have to repay this loaned amount without delays so that we can maintain a good credit score as a requirement on most forbrukslån or consumer loans offered. Keep in mind that finding the lower rates is not easy, especially with unsecured types of debts because the lenders are at higher risk when collateral is not included in the requirements. So we can also understand why interest rates are usually higher even when you are just going to request a small sum.

As debtors, what we must do is understand the nature of consumer loans and learn more about the unsecured type of debt when we have plans of borrowing some money for different purposes. Always remember that the documents they’ll be asking from debtors are just a few and most of these can be prepared easily so that would be very convenient. But finding comfortable offers would be a challenge because of the competition among lending companies so try to find the most reliable lender as well and do not just focus on which one costs less.

Unsecured Loans

These are often called signature loans and debtors don’t need collateral to show, unlike secured types which cannot be availed without any asset pledged. This is usually offered by traditional lending companies, banks, credit unions, online lenders, and other financial institutions. The creditors require fewer documents so it is easier to comply and prepare for submission.

However, this is riskier on the part of the lenders since there is no collateral involved so when a borrower fo default, they cannot seize any of your properties or belongings. That’s why if they would like the debtor to repay the loaned amount, the only solution they can do is to extend the repayment terms. This is also the reason why they are charging borrowers expensive costs.

How it works

You may request a certain amount which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A debtor may borrow from $1,000 – $10,000 with an APR or annual percentage rate of 6 – 36 percent and payable within 2 – 7 years. However, these values vary because the lending companies differ in policies that’s why as a borrower, you have to learn how to shop for the most affordable and the best rates based on your financial needs.

Most of the lending companies are offering prequalifications without the need to submit a formal loan application so through this, you can easily make a comparison and choose the rate that suits you best. If they are going to perform a hard inquiry on your credit scores when you are not yet submitting your formal request, then that would slightly hurt your rating so make sure that this will just be a soft inquiry.

But when your request was already granted, you’ll usually get your money in a lump sum with an accrued interest. You have to pay this on the specified due date so that you won’t have to spend on late fees and maintain a good credit rating as well. Now, if the debtor defaults, a collection agent will take charge of the outstanding balance, and even after notifying you but you did not respond to this, then this might lead to legal action.

Types of Unsecured Loans

You have many options to choose from so define a goal and be clear with your purpose. One is a personal loan for all sorts of expenditures so it could be used for home repairs, debt consolidation, refinancing debts, travels, shopping, medical expenses, school fees, and other projects you would like to fund. We also have a personal line of credit, which could be very helpful in funding home renovations.

If you have a credit card, then you may disburse funds immediately but it comes with costly charges. So be very careful when using your credit card accounts for unnecessary expenses and if possible, take this option for your emergencies only. Another type is a student loan which is indeed helpful to those who would like to enter a university, graduate, and pursue a career because these funds can be used for your allowance, tuition fees, and other expenses in school.

Credit Scores

Your rating should not be lower than 500 if you are aiming at getting a loan with a lower interest rate. It would be great if your score would range from 600 to 800 because higher scores mean that the lenders can offer you better interest rates. So before sending out your formal applications, know what is required so that you won’t be wasting your time preparing and sending out your request.

If you are aware that your rating is quite low, then it is better if you will improve this first. In this way, the lending companies will grant your request. Indeed they are willing to lend you the loaned amount but if they can see that you are not being responsible with your financial obligations after looking at the credit report, then they’ll not approve your application.


The amount that you are planning to borrow must depend on how much you can afford to repay every month. Again, be realistic when it comes to this detail because you are going to attach proof of income and the lender will check the validity of this document through your employer. Let’s say that it was found to be true but you should also keep in mind that you have other obligations, too.

I suggest you learn to compute your debt-to-income ratio so that you will know how much will be left on your salary if a part of this will be used in your monthly repayments, while the other portion will go to your other finances. After computing this, how much will you have, and will this be enough for your emergencies, savings, or allowance?


It would be great if you can shop around for lending firms where they prequalify the applicants first. With this process, you will have an estimate of how much this debt will cost. You will also be receiving complete details of the charges if you are going to take out a certain amount at a given term.

Most prequalifications are done online anyway. Therefore, it would be as easy as using online loan calculators. This will be very helpful in your comparison as well so that you can choose the best offer – click for further readings.

Gather Documents and Submit a Formal Request

After deciding where you will borrow funds, then you better prepare the documents required. Make sure to prepare clear copies of these documents so that your application will not be put on hold. Sometimes, the lending firms do not accept unclear or incomplete copies so you should not have such issues.

When these documents don’t have a problem, your loan application will then be processed so there would be people in charge of credit checking and other paperwork. They are going to consider the loaned amount based on your creditworthiness so your credit score must be good enough for your request to be granted. If this works out, then they are going to send your paper for cash transfers and wait for the notification so that you’ll know when to expect your funds.

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