Everything You Need to Know About Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Are you looking for an easy way to cut your fuel costs? Self bunded fuel tanks are an excellent solution. While they may seem complex, self bunded tanks are relatively easy to purchase. Once installed, they can help you save on your fuel and oil bills. This article explores some of the common FAQs about these fuel tanks, detailing everything you need to know before making a decision.

 What Are Self Bunded Fuel Tanks?

Simply put, these tanks are tanks within another tank. They often come with double steel walls that allow for effective and safe fuel storage. Whether you want to store diesel or other liquids safely, you can trust these tanks to do so. Between the tanks is a space that ensures any leakages won’t get into the environment. Besides protecting the environment from contamination, these tanks also ensure that you do not lose any product.

 Is a Self Bunded Fuel Tank Complex to Install?

If you have ever built or installed a fuel tank before, it should be easy for you to do the same thing with self bunded fuel tanks. Bending and welding are not something that most people can do, but it is possible to buy pre-made self bunded tanks that are easy to install yourself. You can also arrange for installation by a professional if you’re unsure.

Do These Tanks Come with Pre-Bent Sleeves?

While they can cost a bit more than standard fuel tanks, self bunded fuel tanks come with pre-bent sleeves that make installation easier. There is no need to bend these pre-bent sleeves yourself. However, if you’re skilled in welding and bending metal, this might not be an issue for you.

Do Fuel Tanks Need to be Bunded?

Self bunded fuel tanks are great when it comes to reducing weight and prolonging fuel life. Tanks do not need to be bunded, but there are many benefits to doing so, including improved safety. It is recommended that you use self bunded fuel tanks as they are a safe, effective and convenient alternative to standard fuel tanks.

 What Are the Benefits of Using Self Bunded Fuel Tanks?

You will find that self bunded fuel tanks are among the most popular types of fuel tank because they’re the best option for increasing safety, boosting fuel efficiency and protecting the environment. These fuel tanks have been carefully designed in such a way that they limit any damage to the environment they’re installed in if a leak or spill occurs.


Self bunded fuel tanks are a great invention that can benefit a wide range of industries. They’re suitable for various applications and can help to improve the safety and reliability of your fuel storage solution. As such, most fuel users regard them as the best option when upgrading their fuel tank. If you’re looking for tanks that offer an excellent way to reduce your fuel costs and improve safety, look no further than a self bunded tank.

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