Do You Know What Your Vaping?

You may be new to vaping having recently given up smoking or might have been using your vape device for a while, but do you really know what your e-liquid contains? I’d like to use this short article to inform you what makes up your favour vape, different types of e-liquid and some further information about progressing to mixing your own e-liquid.

The Main Elements

There are four primary components of your favourite vape juice are Vegetable Glycerin which is shortened to VG, Propylene Glycol or PG, these first two ingredients have different characteristics, VG is a more viscose liquid which lends itself to larger clouds of vapour while PG is a thinner clear liquid which gives an e-liquid a higher level of flavour. With the almost unending range of the tasty flavour available the third element is food-based flavouring, these are the usual food industry flavours used in your everyday foodstuffs.

The Key Component

The fourth and what is possibly the most important item in your e-liquid, after all most are using vaping as a NRT or nicotine replacement therapy, the nicotine in your favoured vape will be one of two types. The first type of nicotine is freebase nicotine, invented by Marlboro over 50 years ago it is refined from the tobacco plant using a chemical process which utilises ammonia. This process increases the PH level, making the nicotine easier to absorb, unless otherwise stated is usually the nicotine part of your e-liquid. The second type of nicotine is what referred to as nicotine salt or nic salt, nicotine salt is the naturally occurring form of nicotine in tobacco leaves, nic salt is created using a less harsh process which lowers the PH level and gives a smoother vape.

Different Types Of E-Liquid

Some vapers may find an e-liquid they like and stick with it, but there are several types of e-liquid available which may be better tailored to both the way you vape and what you want from vaping. Most starter e-liquid are 50/50% mix with the same level of VG and PG but there are also e-liquid mixed at different ratios, they are –

  • 70/30 – this an e-liquid high in VG which is used in conjunction with sub ohm vape device to produce a very smooth vape and larger clouds of vapour.
  • 80/20 – Higher in PG, designed for use in vape pens it delivers a vape with a higher flavour and a good throat hit like smoking cigarettes.

You might recognise that one of these two types of e-liquid might be more suited to your way of vaping, check your favoured stockist – it might be worth trying something new.

Mixing Your Own E-Liquid

You might have come across the terms Shortfill and Shot but aren’t quite sure what they mean, it’s simple, e-liquid with no nicotine already mixed in is called shortfill and the nicotine element is called the short. Adding the two creates an e-liquid tailored to your own likings, some stockists even sell shortfill liquids with space left in the bottle for the shortfill to go in. Take some time to further investigate mixing your own, it might just what you’re looking for.

So that’s the basics to what’s in your e-liquids, I hope your better equipped to further improve your vaping journey after reading this short article.

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