Check the commercial & industrial uses of dry ice

Most commoners associate dry ice with science experiments, but there is more to this product than just small uses. In fact, dry ice is in high demand in numerous industries, especially healthcare and shipping. Many companies always look for a supplier of dry ice that can be relied upon for bulk orders. In this post, we are sharing more on the various commercial & industrial uses of dry ice.

  1. Products that are perishable are often protected in dry ice for long distances. This is particularly important for products that go through remote areas from the source of origin. Does dry ice work better than gel packs? Absolutely. For the unversed, dry ice comes from frozen carbon dioxide, which means it isn’t regular ice that can simply melt.
  2. Healthcare and medicine. In the medical world, dry ice is used extensively. Besides shipment of selected goods, dry ice is also used for many treatments, including removal of moles. It can be used for transferring supplies and specific samples safely between places and within a healthcare center. For products that need a certain kind of cool environment, dry ice is used often as a replacement of standard cooling measures.
  3. In funeral homes. This one may come as a surprise to many, but have you ever wondered how bodies are protected and preserved for a long time before the funeral? Yes, many funeral homes have to order dry ice time and again for bodies, and this can help many families that cannot actually afford the standard embalming.
  4. In manufacturing. In many sectors, including food production and construction, dry ice is used in many ways. For instance, asphalt temperatures are retained for construction jobs using dry ice.
  5. Finally, for pest control. There are many companies that rely on dry ice for pest control. Please do not attempt this at home, and allow the professionals do their job.

Also, specific tasks related to plumbing, agriculture, and meat processing may rely on dry ice in various ways. If your company needs dry ice and dry ice totes in bulk, you can check online for suppliers. Get an estimate for your order and ensure that you work with a vendor who can deliver on time and has a good name within the industry. The demand for dry ice in most sectors we mentioned continues to increase, and reliable vendors are key for getting businesses in action.

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