Changing The Office Environment

Are you thinking of revitalising your business premises? You can use an office refurbishment to upgrade many different work areas to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing dynamic space that can energise your workforce and impress visiting clients. I hope to use this short piece to give you some valuable ideas on how to go about the process and the various parts of the office on which you could focus.

Finding A Supplier

It can be challenging to sort the good from the bad when looking for a supplier of any product; most start with an internal search for local businesses, using a search engine to type in office fit out Cheltenham, for example. The search will give an almost endless list of companies, but it’s important to remember that just because a company is at the top of a search does not mean it is the best. Cross-referencing any potential supplier using consumer rating websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo can help you decide.

Areas Of Interest

It is now time to look at the different areas of the office that you can improve; there are always options to suit all budgets, to the benefit of your company. The main areas which are most suitable for an upgrade are –

  • Décor – choosing the right combination of uplifting colours can affect staff moods and encourage productivity. Paint, vinyl coverings or plastering can all be used to create pleasing aesthetics; adding plants and greenery has also been found to be a great way to improve the surroundings.
  • Furniture – Modern ergonomic design means there is a wealth of choice from simple seating to whole workstations.
  • Partition Systems – you may need to change the floorplan; available in several options partitions can do this, increasing popular are glass partitions which can spread natural light through the workspace.
  • Lighting – The correct amount of natural light is both the law and crucial to having a happy and efficient workforce; modern led lighting can replicate the effect of natural light if you do not have many windows.
  • Staff Areas – Kitchens, break out rooms and washrooms can also be revitalised practically to better cater to your staff.
  • Flooring & Ceilings – it is possible to change and add to the aesthetic look of your office, suspended ceilings can assist with fire resistance, and flooring is often overlooked as a vital piece of the office interior.

These are by no means all the areas you may look at, but it’s a good starting point when considering your office refurbishment. Start speaking with potential suppliers; they should be able to offer you a complete design process with a site visit and computer-aided design simulations before installation, giving you a good idea of how the new office should look.

Always To Your Benefit

Using an office refit or refurbishment can only be to the benefit of your company. Upgrading the office in the right way can energise your staff to new heights and provide you with a valuable asset with which you can impress visiting clients and potential new customers. Start looking into an office refurbishment today.

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