Best Way to Maximize Investment in Salesforce Platform

For the growth of many companies, the most commonly used strategic tool nowadays is salesforce. All the organizations that use salesforce have an admin that is responsible for maintaining operations which is not ideal as the salesforce solution is growing very much. So having a single administrator is not beneficial to manage and to see the complete potential of the platform.

As a solution to this problem salesforce came up with managed services for Salesforce that can manage the platform without any necessity to hire additional team members.

What does the term Managed Services mean?

Managed Services means combining and utilizing the processes and functionalities of the company which otherwise have to be done by manpower. This model of managed services is helpful in changing the reactive approach into a proactive approach. Before the invention of managed services, whenever some problem is there the customer will reach a support agent who in turn connect the problem to the concerned for the rectification.

With the advent of managed services, the problems will not even reach the customer. This is like a prevention concept. The managed services will take care of the problems before the occurrence which in turn safeguard the business life, management system and in turn bring more revenue than possible.

Types of services are termed salesforce managed services.

There are many services that can be treated as managed services for salesforce. Some of them are listed below

  • The consulting in which the real needs of the customers are met and solutions are given. The managed services give accurate strategies keeping in mind the objective of sales, customer service, and marketing.
  • All the services are implemented in order to create one single final salesforce solution that can help the customer.
  • Depending on the need of the business, managed services for salesforce can design custom workflows, emails, reports, and many more. The solution also will be given based on the custom requirements of the live business.
  • The managed services can help the salesforce to coordinate with the third party services and provide a flexible experience to the customer.
  • According to the changing client’s needs, the salesforce solutions also will be optimized. Because of this, productivity will be increased as the workflows will be simplified which in turn makes the user super happy.
  • As the workflows are optimized, the support and customer care offered by the managed services for Salesforce will be very proactive. The support will be continuous in this case.

What have included in the salesforce managed services?

  • Salesforce optimization
  • Ongoing enhancements
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data
  • Integration Updates
  • Support
  • Migration
  • Development Operations
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Automation
  • Development Operations
  • Business Reviews

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services:

  • This will be cost-effective as there won’t be any need for specialists to solve the issues.
  • Managed services allow scalability and getting all the benefits at a very less cost.
  • There will be greater flexibility with the team that can adapt to the clients’ needs which will be very good in terms of customer satisfaction which is the key to success.


The managed services for Salesforce are a set of processes and activities that can implement and monitor the growth and support of Salesforce solutions in a company. They are for early detection of the problems without them being recognized by the customers.

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