Advantages of Pestpro Thermal Method

Bed bugs are pests that rely on human blood to survive. They hide during the day, on beds, floors, walls, and furniture that have cracks on them, and attack at night. When they bite, one can experience allergic symptoms, psychological effects, and skin rashes. Bed bugs come from used furniture or infested areas. They can travel between rooms in multi-unit buildings such as hotels, apartments, hostels, and schools. They hitch a ride in purses, luggage, items placed on soft and upholstered surfaces, and backpacks. There are various ways to control or get rid of bed bugs which include; ‘steps to doing it yourself’, using pesticides, and using integrated pest management. In this article, we will feature the advantage of pestpro thermal method of killing the bed bugs.

  • It’s a permanent process

It is scientifically proven to be the best method of killing bed bugs. The mission of the thermal system is to build the best electric bed bug heaters and improving them over time. The heat kills pathogens from all rooms as it penetrates through hard surfaces and beddings or furniture.

  • It is a safe process

There is no inhaling any chemicals used to kill the bed bugs, as it is a non-chemical method. The heaters used are powered by engines that are under the truck’s hood and they kill bed bugs and molds and decontaminate bacteria and virus pathogens.

  • Their price is relative

The heaters last long, therefore, the price is based on their value. The steel- constructed heaters ensure flawless operations in years as there are no short-life heating coils or plastic housing in them.

  • They are easily repairable

In case of breakdown, you can easily repair the heater. The instructions on how to repair or replace parts have been engineered to be supported by phones. It is a simple process; therefore one can do it for themselves.

  • Spare parts are available anywhere

The components used are available on a majority of online sites, therefore, no need to depend on the company for spare parts. The quality of the components is very high and is made of stainless steel which is the most crucial component to any heater.

  • They are environmental- friendly

There is no noise pollution when using this method as there are no generators used. No smoke emitted from the heater, therefore, it is friendly to the environment.

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