6 Ways to Build a Client-Centric Law Firm

The customer is king in any business, even in law firms. It is important to work on what will make them happy. Customer satisfaction can greatly impact business profitability. That said, law firms must build a client-centric culture, which is possible by doing the things we’ll be talking about in this article.

  • Provide Different Options to Pay

Make it easy for clients to settle payments. This will minimize delays and prevent problems in your cash flow while also ensuring customer satisfaction. They will hate it when there are limited options to pay their bills. Among others, they must be able to do it online. To do this, you should use law firm billing software. Aside from accepting online payments, it can also automate invoice creation and improve the way lawyers capture billables.

  • Be More Responsive

A client-centric law firm does not make clients wait longer than necessary. You should be as responsive as possible to the queries of your clients. When they need legal assistance, someone must be immediately available. If you have a website, it is good to have a live chat feature. You should also have telephone and email support. Otherwise, customers may end up frustrated when they have no means to reach the law firm.

  • Improve Client Intake

Traditionally, a client intake procedure is tedious, involving the need for customers to complete several documents. Make the process easier by doing it electronically instead. This is a great way to demonstrate the law firm’s penchant for innovation. This is one of the things possible when you are using a reliable law practice management software.

  • Practice Customer Empathy

To build a customer-centric culture, law firms must operationalize customer empathy. This is a process of identifying the emotional needs of the customers and the reasoning behind these needs. You must put yourself in the shoes of the clients to have a better understanding of what should be done.

  • Implement an Open Pricing Strategy

Pricing decisions can make or break your law firm. There is no single best approach to pricing legal services. One of the best things to do is to be open to negotiations. It will be good to have a proactive conversation with your clients to find the price that works best for both parties.

  • Gather Customer Feedback

From online surveys to personal interviews, take advantage of the different ways to solicit feedback from your clients. This will give them a voice in your law firm. They will appreciate it if you are empowering your customers. Doing this will also provide the management with ideas on what it should do to improve service.

Put the customers at the center of everything in your law firm and you will find it easier to be profitable. Know their needs and understand their motivations. Give them the reason to choose your law firm and to stay. From making payments convenient to soliciting feedback, consider the things mentioned above to be more customer-centered.


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